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Our prices start at $600 for doelings from our first fresheners and go up to $1200 for kids from our mature and proven does. For specific pricing on particular does, and for prices on international sales, please e-mail us at:

** Next to a doe's name indicates pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound and/or blood test.

Doe: Bred to: Due: Available:
SGCH Elle **


Mar 1st doe reserved
SGCH Elle Woods ** Show and Tell Mar  1st doe reserved
SGCH Southern Belle ** AI Kastdemur's Patriot Mar All kids reserved
GCH Electra ** Show and Tell Feb 1st doe reserved
GCH Brielle ** AI Lakeshore Doctor Luke Feb 1st doe, 1st buck reserved
SG Carmelle ** Show and Tell Mar 
Firefly ** Show and Tell Mar
Cat Ballou ** Jumanji Apr 1st doe reserved
Blue Phoenix ** Status Quo Apr

All births are attended and kids are removed and raised on heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk, with the exception of buck kids not pre-ordered, or those deemed not worthy of registration. Any kid purchased from the herd requires a $100 deposit, with the balance due within 10 days of notification of birth. Ideally, kids should be picked up no earlier than three weeks of age and no later than six weeks of age. Air shipping is out of Sacramento International Airport, and shipping and health papers are the responsibility of the buyer. Deposits from cancelled orders will not be refunded, but if we cannot fill your order your deposit will gladly be refunded. We reserve the right to retain any kid as a herd replacement, or to refrain from selling any kid that does not meet our quality standards. Please note that we follow the recommended trade practices of the American Dairy Goat Association, as outlined in the ADGA Guidebook.

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